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Hi, I'm Simon White. This is my profile.

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Simon White has worked on most areas of IT for Internet infrastructures, but now specialises in User Centric Design, User Experience and CMS solutions. He has set up user experience teams and had a lot of experience reporting to board level stakeholders. His past specialisations, with which he keeps up with to ensure wider vision in web and eCommerce delivery strategies, are: Web site project management: requirements, design documents, implementation planning and pitching these ideas to third parties. Where possible in Agile: Lean UX, Scrum, Kanban. Implementing, using and improving Content Management Systems (including Zope, Drupal, WordPress). Up to date on latest web technology notably XHTML, CSS and Javascript (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Mobile Apps UI guidelines). Open Source frameworks and collaborative work on systems architecture. Attaining as full and understanding of the underlying IT infrastructure and planning projects around it. Simon specialises in User Experience, Website Usability, Accessibility, Project Management, Man Management

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Music, particularly playing guitar, bass and piano. Cinema.

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